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Meeting Details

All who may be interested in the Alcoholics Anonymous program of recovery are welcome at Open Meetings.  Closed meetings are solely for those who may have a drinking problem and members of Alcoholics Anonymous. All meeting details below for in-person meetings currently held in portable 2A.

Sunday: 7:30pm – Newcomer – Open Meeting
Sunday: 7:30pm – Spanish (portable 2B) – Closed Meeting

Monday: 6:30am - Newcomer - Open Meeting
Monday: 12:00pm – 12&12 Step Study – Closed Meeting
Monday: 7:30pm – Traditions – Open Meeting

Tuesday: 12:00pm – Big Book Topic – Closed Meeting
Tuesday: 5:30pm – Women’s Big Book Study – Closed Meeting 
Tuesday: 7:30pm – 12&12 Topic – Closed Meeting

Wednesday: 6:30am - Big Book Study - Open Meeting
Wednesday: 12:00pm – Literature – Open Meeting
*2nd Wednesday of the month: 12:00pm – AA Speaker – Open Meeting

Wednesday: 7:30pm – Newcomer – Open Meeting
Thursday: 12:00pm – Big Book Study – Closed Meeting
Thursday: 7:30pm – AA Speaker – Open Meeting
Friday: 6:30am - Step Study - Open Meeting

Friday: 12:00pm – Traditions – Closed Meeting
Friday: 7:30pm – Big Book Topic – Open Meeting
Friday: 7:30pm – Spanish (portable 2B) – Open Meeting

Saturday: 12:00pm – Newcomer – Open Meeting
Saturday: 6:00pm - 1st and 3rd Saturday Young People - Open Meeting - Big Book Format
Saturday: 7:30pm – Big Book Study – Open Meeting

Yearly anniversaries are celebrated on the last Friday of the month at 12:00PM and the last Saturday of the month at 7:30PM.

Group Conscience for the McKinney Miracle Group is held at 5:30pm on the second Sunday of every month.


When Joining Zoom

If prompted for a password, use: MMG2020

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